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Growing a social media following is a must these days, but unless you are Justin Bieber it’s going to take a lot of work. This is a social media growth service designed specifically for busy entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their brand and sales through Instagram, with minimal effort on your part. Growing a social media following is a must these days, but unless you are Justin Bieber it’s going to take a lot of work. This is a social media growth service designed specifically for busy entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their brand and sales through Instagram, with minimal effort on your part.

What you can expect:

  • Strategy to targeting your ideal customers
  • Monthly report of new follower activity, upon request

What we need from you:

  • Access to Instagram account
  • Information on your business and target audience
  • Any direct competitors that are on Instagram with a large following
  • White list of accounts you want to remain following (if necessary)

Reviews (61)

Christopher Mohs

Chris' team is providing us with tremendous value and support. We are so pleased with the results we are seeing in our growth campaigns and will continue to use him.

Matt Oliphant

My experience with growth geeks has been smooth and rewarding. My account has grown around 500 followers to over 1500 actual followers that are real and engaging. It's been great! I highly recommend it if you are looking to grow your social media following.

Natasha Kalergis

Chris has helped grow my community with active and engaged followers from day one!

nicolas uribe

Chris worked with me closely to tune the machine and get exactly where my client needed to be. Amazing results

Yaniv Liron

Chris is great, attentive to questions and concerns and explains the process well.

Sean Alunan

Chris is reliable and my account has gained over 1K since I started

Brian DApice

These guys rock! I loved their service. My charity project is over so I have no need to grow my account, but these guys are the best for the job!

Lee turner

Allows us to focus on what we do best -- creating content. Growth Geeks focuses on growing our targeted audience and enhanced engagement. Results to date: its of the best business decisions -- and investments -- we've made. (Makes me look like a genius!)

Benjamin Conard

Growth Geeks mean business... Incredible job on increasing our Instagram following with followers who truly align with our mission. We've even received some leads and potential loyal customers from our partnership with Growth Geeks. Many thanks for your hard work! :-)

Laura Ortiz

Excellent. We got over 700 followers in just a few months thanks to this service.

Jon Rappaport

Ok increases. Very good communication. We are still working on this.

Mikkel Haslum

i could not use my third party apps. i discovered that by the amount of following increasing 3x faster than followers, when asking about this it after a while turned out to be because of 3rd prt apps (crowdfire, latergramme).

Zachary Snader

I'm honestly not sure what kind of impact the campaign had because we were running our own campaign as well during this time. We saw growth, so it was helpful...I'm pretty sure?

Jakob Palmers

Great work, brought on a lot of new followers and likes. I was very pleased with the service, but still think it could have been even better if I did a better job at providing suitable hashtags and other IG-accounts to get followers from.

Sindi Concebida

While our instagram followers grew significantly, the quality of new followers was not worth it. I've found dozens of new followers who we've followed back that have nothing to do with our targeting criteria. I reached out a few times to try and dial our targeting & the response was short & unaccommodating. Following teenagers who post pics of doritos & selfies so they follow us back gives us zero value. I wish our account manager would have been more willing to coordinate with us to target better. Instead the response we received was "It's not perfect, watch this video, post more content."

Shanshan Xu

We've had a great experience with growth geeks! They get top points for focusing on building a relevant audience to our business.

Natalie Tuman

Not as good as I had hoped. I was getting messages from a lot of weirdos. My account started following people that I would NEVER follow in accordance with my values and my business...such as a crotchless underwear company, several marijuana accounts, foreign men, etc. It was not good. I keep trying to go through and unfollow all of those accounts that were followed on my behalf because it is just NOT at all what I was hoping to accomplish.

Chantel Carnes

Awesome service! Specially great for those who manage Instagram accounts on behalf of clients. This services allows you to focus on what matters most; posting images and engagement. This service does all of the nitty gritty following work. Tip: be sure to unfollow accounts too, keep your numbers down.

Lucas Williamson

This was a great experience! Our IG account grew over 650 Followers and the engagement was fantastic! Chris at 98 buck social did a great job.

Andy Silman

Chris is doing a great job covering off social media for which I do not have time while running my business. I believe that this is a great way to generate name recognition with potential clients.

Kathrine Nasteva

Chris and the team at 98 Buck Social are amazing. The Instagram Growth engine helped us increase our followers by 450%, and the engagement level skyrocketed. The services are reasonably priced, and we're very pleased with what he's helped us accomplish.

Saum Ghosh

We did see some growth. It was organic and seemed legitimate. We used other methods also after testing with them for a week and saw more growth so we have moved on. But I do suggest giving them a shot.

Tara Williams

You guys were great. I'm taking a break for a bit but will let you know when I need this service done again.

Annie Maguire

Love this service so much! I am just taking a step back from my blog at the moment, but definitely plan on activating it again when I'm ready.

Beth Smith

Chris definitely got our Instagram page "CLICK'n"! He delivered 1000+ increase in followers in 1 month and the level of engagement is high. The set up process was simple and he obviously asks the right questions to implement a highly successful campaign. We highly recommend him and are continuing with his services. Beth Smith President CLICK Coffee Protein Drink

Elise Gonzales

At first, this was a great growth hack for us. It increased our numbers. Unfortunately, their staff doesn't interact or follow up with you every month or when numbers/activity starts decreasing to improve the service. I would update my growth info and see growth for about 3 weeks and then it would go stagnant. With a bit of interaction from their staff, I think it would work much better. I also don't REALLY think that everything was updated in the way I had asked for as I was getting the same type of fans on insta that I asked to be changed.

Anthony Escoto

Fantastic. Will be taking a small pause for now, but I am looking to resume soon.

Matt Santry

Chris was very responsive and offered good suggestions on how to engage my audience.

Jon Aagaard

Great. I will surely pick it back up again soon. Chris and team execute thoughtfully and with purpose.

Jon McEwen

My experience was okay. How can I completely cancel because I will not be resuming this service. Thanks. -Jon

Joshua Allen

This was a disappointing allocation of $. Out of all the new followers I received, I would say less than 10% of them were real people that I wanted to target. The rest were random overseas accounts. Not happy with this service and what was sold.

Levi Meyer

Chris was able to get me thousands of followers over several months. Unfortunately, it appears he does this by following equally as many people. I am going to research more organic methods of growth from here on out.

Harshit Sekhon

From day 1 our Instagram follower growth went on autopilot, thanks to Chris' team. Our follower base quadrupled in just a month. But the quality of followers was a bit flaky. We could have improved this by managing our content schedule better. However, we found that Instagram is not the best platform for us to focus awareness and acquisition efforts on.


pretty good service, we did see growth a bit slow but it was good.

Alliyah B.

This service exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend. I will continue to use this service in the future. Wish I could give more stars than 5.

Therin Miller

I can't wait to use this service again. Marc was fantastic!

Mike Nichols

Wanted to have a handful of followers prior to launching social media campaigns, worked well for that.

Sophie Adelman

A huge increase in the number of followers and a good jump in engagement.

Shaun Newsum

Needs faster growth and more followers. Wasn't good enough.

Seth Tum

Marc has been great helping our company grow our online presence on Instagram!

kristin schloesser

AMAZING. but now i can't do socials without him, lol i guess that's the plan :p

Blaine Hatab

He did exactly what the description says! Can't really ask for more.

Jolene Ewharekuko

Great Job Aaron, I am very happy with the growth of our Instagram followers! Would definitely recommend for any small biz looking to grow an audience.

Adam Peled

Very happy with the work so far, still hope it grows faster, but so far - so good.

Daniel Murray

Aaron did a great job for me, I tried the free trial and was so satisfied I have asked him to continue on both my personal and professional accounts ongoing.

Allie Esslinger

Great Results-- Great working with Aaron! Thanks so much!

Lauren Berlingeri

SO great working with Aaron. Really patient. Really thorough. Strong results!

Josh Bender

Aaron really knows his stuff. A very effective gig for getting engaged, high quality, highly relevant followers.

Mark Herre

Aaron knows his stuff and is extremely helpful to my b2b.

Jonathan Wallace

Sales are looking good and real connections that have helped by business grow. Im in.

Audrey Keller

Aaron did a great job! Our Instagram following increased by 500 users in one month. Thank you for your work!

Ashleigh Hernandez

I had EXTREME growth in my following on social media with his expertise! Next step is to increase engagements with exciting and innovative content! Thanks for your help you made it effortless and one less thing to do this month!

Latham Thomas

I didn't know what to expect when I booked Aaron's service. With his method we nearly doubled our following in three weeks following his growth support. He was quick, responsive and thorough. I would absolutely book him again, it's worth the investment.

Joshua Schukman

Freaking awesome. He's grown my Insta following like mad, and the followers are highly relevant and responsive. You can't beat this.

Pascale Helyar-Moray

Aaron has done a good job of generating more Instagram traffic to our page and growing the user base. Not only are our numbers higher, but we seem to have a higher/better engagement rate too. Good job.

Jer Tippets

This gig is AWESOME. We have a small site and an even smaller team and no one had time to build our Instagram audience. Aaron grew our audience from 14 to just about 1000 in a couple of months. Our Instagram followers are legit, interested and very active. We honestly could not have done it with Aaron.

Dave Gallant

Delivering on what he said. Minimal communication, but that's not a bad thing because Aaron gets the job done. My only critique is that it would be nice to have a monthly check-in message so to hear my thoughts on progress. Besides that, thumbs up.

Sherry Mills

Working with Aaron the past month has changed my life. Not only have I witnessed 1,000% growth in followers across my Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest platforms, but there is a tremendously affirming boost that comes along with receiving a steady visual stream of new follower notifications on my phone as I build my vision from the ground floor. I get to focus on making my content, and trust that things are moving in the right direction, and with support. Feels amazing. Thank you, Aaron!!

Adrijus Guscia

Solid service, delivers followers. Didn't get suspensions or anything if you don't do any other stuff.

Matt Aaron

Aaron is doing great work. He has done exactly what he said he would do. Highly recommended.

Justin Katz

Excellent experience! My account grew significantly with real users. Check it out:

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  • Are these real followers?
  • Yes all new followers are 100% real and targeted. You may find some places online that sell followers, these are mostly farmed networks or fake accounts. That is not what we offer.
  • How do you do it?
  • I'm glad you asked, it's magic. Actually it's pretty simple. Each day we'll perform many tasks in order to grow your account, following, unfollowing, liking, etc to organically grow your audience.
  • Will this unfollow any accounts I've personally followed?
  • Yes. Any account not following you upon purchase will be unfollowed during this campaign. If you want to remain following certain profiles, please send the geek a white list of these accounts immediately after purchase. For example - friends, family, colleagues, industry related accounts, etc.
  • Do you post content to my account?
  • This service doesn't include any content posting. If you'd like help in that area, please take a look at our social media management services
  • Why does the number of new followers each month vary?
  • There are several factors. In general, it is related to the size of the account from the start and target niche. Once we get good momentum with growing your followers, the faster we can run with results every month.
  • Why should I post content to my account regularly?
  • It is important to continue posting content to your account on a regular basis. Since these are real people, they're much more likely to follow and remain following an active account.
  • How is the correct audience targeted?
  • We can target by hashtag and targeting accounts that have similar followers that you'd like to have.
  • Can I keep posting? Can I still follow and unfollow accounts?
  • Yes! You can resume doing your normal activity. In fact, posting regularly is a good way to help ensure the best results. We will be working in the background, but your account will still be 100% in your possession.
  • How quickly will my Growth Engine be underway?
  • New campaigns are generally underway within 48 hours, and the geek will be in touch as soon as it kicks off to let you know.
  • How does the targeting work?
  • Once you provide us with your ideal customer, we'll focus our efforts on a particular target or niche. For example, if your product or service targets moms, then that's who we'll work on getting moms to follow you.
  • Do I have to verify my account?
  • You will likely need to verify your account. This happens from multiple computer logins. Your social media platform is just confirming with you to secure your account. Don’t worry, your account is 100% safe.
  • How do I get started?
  • It’s pretty simple, after you purchase you will receive a brief questionnaire. Here you will provide all the info your geek will need and they'll be in touch to let you know they're getting started. Done and done.
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